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  Moms are special. From day one, they’ve protected, provided for, and nurtured us. Since then, they would shower us with love and affection, while making sure that we get the best things in life. If this isn’t unconditional love, then what is?


  Of course, moms can also be, well, persistent. “Come home right after!” “Clean your room!” “Drive slowly!” Our moms would nag us over the little things – it can sometimes annoy us. But every word of caution or reminder is actually her way of loving and protecting us.


  This Mother’s Day, make your mom feel extra special through thoughtful gifting. Remind her how much you love her with these thoughtful and imaginative gifts:


  1. Make a Thoughtful Promise Using Toblerone Limited Edition Mother’s Day Blank Packs


  Our moms may constantly nag us, but they only want what’s best for us. What better way to reciprocate this love than to make a pledge and show her you’ve been listening to her?


  This Mother’s Day, Toblerone gives you the chance to make a thoughtful promise to your mom, and at the same time let her indulge in Swiss Milk Chocolate with Honey and Almond Nougat. Make this Mother’s day the most memorable by gifting her with the limited edition Toblerone Mother’s Day pack! The Toblerone has a blank pack for you to write a promise to start doing the things she’s been asking you to do! It could be a promise to clean your room or to always be on time.

  在这个母亲节,瑞士三角牌巧克力给了你一个这样的机会,可以让你对她做出一个承诺的同时沉浸在带有蜂蜜和杏仁糖的瑞士牛奶巧克力中。送给她限量版的母亲节礼物!让这个母亲节成为最难忘的一天。 瑞士三角牌巧克力推出了一个空白的包装,你可以在这里面写下承诺,承诺做一件她一直在要求你做的事情!比如打扫你的房间,或者一直准时。

  These limited edition packs are beautifully designed by the brand’s newest ambassador, Kris Aquino. They come in a variety of beautiful designs that will surely surprise and bring joy to your mom.


  Imagine this: Rich, creamy Swiss Milk Chocolate, coupled with your thoughtful promise that’s written on a beautifully designed pack – this is the perfect, heartfelt gift that will make this Mother’s day the most thoughtful yet!


  2. Make a Homemade Video Showing You DO Listen to Her


  Moms can be a bit unrelenting in their constant reminders. But maybe that’s because you don’t listen. What better way to let her know you do actually listen to her and take every reminder she tells you to heart than a video of you doing everything she tells you to do?


  3. Bring Mom Out to Her Favorite Place


  If there’s anyone who deserve pampering, surely it’s our hardworking mom! Surely you know her favorite hangout? Her favorite nail color polish? Surprise and impress her with all these knowledge of her personal favorites and you will surely bring a wide smile to her face.


  4. Show Her You’ve Been Paying Attention Enough to Cook Her Favorite Meal


  Moms are known for feeding us and making us the most scrumptious meals. Pay extra attention to her when she cooks: the way she measures the seasonings, the way she cuts the meat, the way she arranges the table. This Mother’s Day, tell your mom to stay out of the kitchen. Just say you got this, as she watches you do everything the way she does it.


  5. “It’s on me” coupons


  This Mother’s Day, why not make DIY coupons committing to help her with some of the chores she’s been nagging you to do! Think of all the things your mom has been asking you to do for the longest time. It could be a coupon for doing the dishes, walking the dog, or picking up some groceries. List them all down and make the corresponding coupons! You can even put these onto the Toblerone packs too!


  These thoughtful and creative gift ideas will surely make our mother’s feel extra special on her big day. This Mother’s Day, let us #BeMoreImaginative and take the opportunity to show how grateful we are to our mothers. By putting thought and love into our gift to her, we can make this Mother’s Day her most memorable one yet.




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